Five Year Mortgage Rate Below 5 Percent

Well, it’s been awhile…but the five-year fixed-rate mortgage is back under 5% as of today.  Currently we have two lenders offering this rate but I expect a few more within days.  It’s a good sign if you want to buy a house or condo for Christmas!  

Let’s review the fundamentals of the Edmonton mortgage market:

  • Affordable house prices? Check!
  • Sufficient inventory to find what you want?  Check!
  • Motivated sellers?  Check!
  • Service availability?  Lawyers…check!  Appraisers…check! Land titles…check!  Mortgage broker?  CHECK!
  • Favourable environment for conditional offers?  Check!
  • Low interest rates?  DOUBLE CHECK!!  

It would seem like a sophisticated buyer could find themselves a good deal on a place or two right about now – and with rates like these, why wait?  Might as well submit an application and get pre-approved!