Keith D Andrade

Business Development Manager - Regina SK

With a title that sounds like something out of a Martin Scorsese film, Keith Andrade has been Consigliere to Jackson Middleton since 2011. Keith started with Jackson at Highland Mortgage Partners in Regina, SK in 2009 as the Business Development Manager and worked his way up “The Family Chain”.

After two years and over 150 Realtor meetings later (more coffee than any one person should ever consume) Keith’s role changed into a more support role for Jackson. Keith’s duties at Highland balanced in person meetings with communicating on social media platforms. Over the last couple of years Keith has developed a huge presence on social media and is one of the most active people on twitter in Regina Saskatchewan where he consistently tweets over 70 times a day.

Keith excels at making self proclamations which include “Movie Crier” “Campfire Pie Eating Champ of 2004” and “White Jeans Trainwreck”. Keith currently wears the largest eye glasses in the city of Regina and collects photos of random people in them for fun. You can check out that collection on Pinterest.

Keith has been blessed with an amazing wife and a son who demands shoulder rides hourly.

Contact Keith
Phone: 306.596.0490

Last updated Feb 11, 2019