Samantha Lees


Samantha Lees Profile Picture‘Paperwork ninja’ Samantha Lees has served faithfully with First Foundation as Administrative Assistant through five years’ worth of papercuts. Supporting your Advisor throughout the insurance, investment, or mortgage process, Sam keeps us organized for you and simplifies our processes with efficient systems so that we can serve you better.

Sam keeps our office on its toes, inspiring us towards healthy eating (Starbucks Lattes) and personal development (reading Harry Potter). Where professionally, Sam helps people protect their lives and families, her personal life revolves around putting wellness first to prevent illness. Sam is obsessed with health and beauty from the inside out and helping people live their best life, as their best self!

Before making First Foundation’s office processes ‘flow’, Samantha artistically designed beautiful faces, running her own business as a freelance makeup artist. Sam relishes the opportunity to grow professionally in practical skills that she can apply to make a real-life impact, with a focus on serving others. Prior to coming to Canada fifteen years ago from Manchester, England, Samantha narrowly avoided being recruited to the well-known local football club (Lies. …All lies!). Fortunately for us, Manchester U were going to force her to do cardio (which she hates), so she came to the great white north to pump iron like Arnold while studying Kinesiology at Mount Royal College. We now take advantage of this by making her do all the heavy lifting at the office. Luckily for us, and for her boyfriend, Kris, Sam really loves American football best and is an avid Steelers fan.

Falling in love with the Canadian mountain landscape, in the summer and fall Samantha loves to go on outdoor adventures. Mostly this is an excuse to work up an appetite to try out new recipes or restaurants (Patio please!), but still, you will find Sam fearlessly facing the wild as she hikes with her “girl gang of fearless empowering women who all support and lift one another up”. She proud to say she’s always there for her friends.

Now, she is always there for us.

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Phone: 403-259-2046
Fax: 587-838-9374
Toll Free: 1-866-702-7678
Email: slees [at] firstfoundation [dot] ca *

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Last updated Feb 11, 2019