Improving Your Home Financing Process

First Foundation is always looking at ways to provide our clients with the best service possible. We've introduced new technology that helps manage your entire mortgage process more efficiently.


Box is a secure, online file sharing system.

It's more secure for you - You can upload your personal files, such as job letters or pay stubs, to a "secure, online portal":/box/ without having to worry about file size or type. It's as easy as adding an attachment to an email, but much more secure.

It speeds up your mortgage process - With Box, we get a notification alert shortly after your uploaded documents arrive. Box allows everyone to be on the same page. You get the fastest, most complete service possible because we're able to prioritize our day more efficiently.

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Docusign is a cloud-based, electronic signature system.

Saving you time and hassle - You have the ability to review documents and sign from any electronic device that receives email. Eliminating the need for you and your co-applicant to sign at the same time or place, not to mention not even having to print off a piece of paper, makes the financing process move along more quickly.

Reduces errors, which waste your time - We're able to reduce any signing errors because it's clearly marked where we want you to sign or provide information. What's even better is that once you have finished signing the document it automatically gets sent back to us!

Last updated Feb 11, 2019