And the Beat Goes On - Pilot Butte Water Project


It is June and residents in the town of Pilot Butte, are once again enduring the daily sights, sounds, and smells of heavy construction. Line boring, water main installation, and street paving are in full swing throughout the town.

Line boring (the process of installing a water line to each property) is being completed on the remaining properties throughout the Contract B area and into Willow Ridge.

There has been discussion among Pilot Butte residents as to whether they should sign the town agreements, when they are not legally bound to do so. And some Pilot Butte residents have claimed to save over $1000 by hiring a private company to complete the line boring task.

Either way, every house has to be connected in order for the Pilot Butter Central Water Project to carry on.

The water main installation crew will be starting up again on the 100 block of 7th St by the week of June 10th, and continuing until completed. Pilot Butte residents will receive Synervoice and website updates prior to construction work in each area.

As we move forward, the remainder of the town of Pilot Butte will have their asphalt ripped up in order for water lines to be buried, with plans to have the roads repaved once the water line installations have been completed. Pavement work is tentatively for June to complete the areas not yet repaved in Contract A, east of 6th Street.

The town of Pilot Butte reminds residents that driveway work will be done at a later time as the pavement of roads is first priority. Please refer to the Central Water Project Updates on the town website for details on repairs for driveways, landscaping, or sprinklers that were damaged through this process.

Eventually, residents of Pilot Butte can pay a plumber to come in and officially convert each home from their well system to the town water supply, or will have the option to collect a preassembled Water Meter Assembly System from the Pilot Butte Town Office, and do it themselves. Residents of Pilot Butte will still be allowed access to their well water for outside tap purposes such as watering their lawns. Meanwhile, there will be a minimum base fee of $56.55 charged for water service in each home.

Moving forward with the Pilot Butte Central Water Project, the residents of this town are excited for closure. Although a specific completion date is not feasible to predict, due to the effects of weather and possible machinery delays, this fall will see the completion of the majority of this project.

Stay tuned for my next Pilot Butte Water Project blog update, featuring stats on the town's water quality as well as the process for directing the town's water supply to each residential home.

Until then... The Beat Goes On

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