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Fixed rate mortgages are a great product for circumstances where rates may be going up and for conservative borrowers who want certainty.

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Fixed Rate Mortgages - The Ultimate in Rate Security

Perfect For:

People who want to sleep well at night knowing their mortgage rate won’t change over the next 1-10 years.

Did you know?

Fixed rate mortgages are the most popular choice amongst Canadians when they finance a home. Of people who choose a fixed rate mortgage, most Canadians choose a five-year fixed-rate. It's the perfect balance between long-term stability and short-term flexibility.

Product Features:

  1. Long term stability (a fixed rate) over 1 to 10 year terms
  2. Set it and forget it
  3. Very flexible pre-payment privileges - often up to 20% of original principal, increase payment by 20%, and double-up payment.
  4. Portable from property to property without penalty in most circumstances
  5. Competitive fixed rates that are not much higher than shorter terms

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Last updated Feb 11, 2019