Variable Rate Mortgage

When choosing a Canadian mortgage, whether you're buying a home, renewing a mortgage, or refinancing, what should you choose? A variable rate? A fixed rate? Maybe both?

Darren Quilley from First Foundation explains...

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Variable Rate Mortgages - Great for Savers!

Historically variable rate mortgages have saved Canadians money approximately 9 times out of 10.

Perfect For:

  • Anyone who wants to save as much money as possible, but also have some security.
  • Anyone who is fine with fluctuations in the length of their amortization period

Product Features:

  1. Rates linked to the lenders’ prime rate.
  2. Monthly mortgage payments remain the same.
  3. The amount of your monthly mortgage payment going towards the principal of your mortgage increases and decreases as rates change.
  4. Interest rates compound monthly.
  5. Great prepayment options.
  6. Higher risk = bigger savings.

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Last updated Feb 11, 2019