Mission and Values

Mission (What Keeps us Going)

First Foundation’s mission is to help people to own valuable assets, grow in wisdom and wealth, and protect themselves and their loved ones.

Values (How We Do It)

First Foundation accomplishes its mission by adhering to the following values:


We believe it’s important to have the courage to lead and do the right thing, in spite of our fears.


We choose to be honest with clients, partners, and colleagues. This is a must that can never be compromised.


We seek consistency from ourselves so that all clients will enjoy the same great experience.


We believe that choice is superior to a lack of choice. We value that people have the right to choose who will serve them, and we compete for their business by offering valuable information and attractive options.


We build strong and rewarding relationships by being loyal and supportive to our clients, our colleagues, and our community.

Last updated Mar 15, 2019