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Bankers work for the bank...

At First Foundation we don’t see our job as helping you to get a mortgage, our job is to help you own your home sooner. We do this by matching your home ownership wants and needs with the appropriate Canadian mortgage lender and mortgage product. Quickly, easily, and with the savings and protection you deserve.

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Our services are FREE*

We work for YOU, not the bank

We have more selection to meet your needs

Our high volumes make you eligible for the best interest rate discounts

We treat you as a person, not a number

We offer you the best deal we can - up front, every time

*OAC. In most cases the lender pays us a finder's fee. In some rare situations we might have to charge you a fee but we tell you about it in advance so you can decide.

Unlike a bank, we have the freedom to provide you with the best mortgage interest rates available the first time, without having to negotiate. Obligated by law, but motivated by the desire to help you achieve homeownership with savings and security, we will always act in your best interest. We’re also free from the pressure imposed by strictly commission-based structures, so we have the time to really understand your needs and provide you with more personalized mortgage services.

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As a Canadian mortgage broker, First Foundation Mortgages offers the following mortgage services:

First Foundation Mortgages isn’t interested in simply getting our clients a mortgage just to get them a mortgage - we want our clients to understand the details of one of the largest financial liabilities they may ever own. In order to apply successful mortgage strategies and provide savings over the length of your mortgage, we feel that it’s necessary for our clients to understand their mortgage product.

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Check out the variety of mortgage products that First Foundation Mortgages offers:

First Foundation always acts in the best interest of its client. Beyond assisting you through the financing process, we’ll help to coordinate the activities between borrowers, lenders, lawyers, REALTORS®, and appraisers - just to name a few.

Finally, we won’t forget about you. If you want to change your mortgage payments or contact your lender, we’ll try our best to help you out. We’ll even contact you prior to the renewal of your mortgage to make sure you are continuing to receive the best mortgage product for your needs - how’s that for service!

Contact First Foundation today for our free, no obligation review of your mortgage terms - We just might be able to save you money on one of the largest investments you’ll ever have!

Last updated Mar 15, 2019