5 Things to Think About Before Building


Last week I interviewed Melissa McCullough from Trademark Homes about advice she would give a first time homebuyer trying to get into the market. The video went over very well as we received a lot of positive feedback, so I asked Melissa if she was interested in discussing some of the things people should think about before buying a home. Here is the result of that conversation. I love how realistic Melissa is, she doesn't paint a fairy tale picture, she explains that building a home is hard work and gives very realistic expectations! Here is one of my favorite quotes, along with the video and a list of summary points below!

"How well do you handle stress? When building a home, it's not about "if" something goes wrong, its more... when something happens, how are you going to handle it?" Melissa McCullough

I am still learning how to do the Google+ Hangouts - the video is fixed on Melissa, I promise if we do another one, it will follow the conversation!

If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to leave them below. If you have any questions for Melissa, or would like to have us address a certain topic, please let us know!

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