Advice for the First Time Homebuyer - Melissa McCullough [Interview]


I had the chance to sit down with Melissa McCullough, one of the owners at Trademark Homes to discuss how she got her start climbing the property ladder. I find Melissa's story inspiring not only because she started so young, but because along with her husband James, they didn't just expect things to be easy, they moved 5 times in 7 years and now live in their dream home.

From experience as a broker, I find that a lot of first time home buyers don't have a realistic expectation of their first home. They want a similar house to what they grew up in but don't underdstand that it is hard work to get there. In this video, Melissa tells her story and makes some suggestions to potential first time home buyers. Here is the video, with some of my favorite quotes highlighted below!

Melissa McCullough - Trademark Homes

"A great way to help subsidize the cost of your mortgage is to have a renter in the basement." Melissa McCullough

While spending time with Melissa on the hangout (before recording), Tyson Liske jumped in and actually gave me a great quote that supports what Melissa had to say on the video.

"Don't get romantically involved with your first house." Tyson Liske

"I think First Time Home Buyers in todays market need to be creative with how they spend their money - they need to get the best bang for their buck." Melissa McCullough

If you live in the Regina area and are considering building a home with a built in suite or a duplex, check out Trademark Homes, they are good people and have some very cool housing options... of course we would love to help you with financing when the time comes!

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