Which Alberta City has the Best Drivers?


Medicine Hat Most Improved City in Canada-Wide Collision Survey

Among 50 cities surveyed by Allstate Insurance, Medicine Hat was found to have the lowest collision rates and also rang in as the most improved community for collision rates. The survey measured the frequency of AllState customer collision claims in communities across Canada across a two year period, from 2011 to 2013.

Collision Rates in Alberta

The results for the Alberta cities in the survey were:

  • Medicine Hat (2.93%)
  • Spruce Grove (3.75%)
  • Lethbridge (4.06%)
  • Sherwood Park (4.68%)
  • St. Albert (4.75%)
  • Calgary (5.72%)
  • Edmonton (5.84%)

The percentages reflect the amount of policies in these cities with collision claims made versus the amount of policies without collision claims. Medicine Hat’s percentage in 2009-2011 was 5.45%, marking a 46.17% decrease in its collision claim rate.

While Alberta cities showed the most improvement in collision claim rates, Alberta communities had the highest frequency of collisions out of the four surveyed provinces.

How You Can Reduce Frequency of Collisions

While officials credit the improvements to campaigns against drunk and distracted driving, much more can be done at the individual level with conversations about driving safely, since word of mouth is always the best way to sell a concept. The hard part is talking to friends and family about safe driving without sounding preachy, especially if you are talking to someone who you know has some unsafe driving habits, like texting while driving or getting behind the wheel after a few drinks.

Encouraging friends and family to get hands free devices is still on of the best ways to promote safe driving habits. There are a lot of options available that allow you to use your phone while driving without touching it, better learn to use them now, because in most jurisdictions distracted driving is something the police are increasingly on the lookout for.

DriveSafe.ly App

You can try a subscription to an app that reads texts aloud and allows you to respond to them with dictated texts is also a great gift idea. DriveSafe.ly does this for 3.99 per month for a single user, and 9.99 per month for a family plan. The app will work for Android, iPhone, BlackBerry and Windows phones.

Stay a Little More Alert and Keep Cool in Urban Areas

It’s no surprise that Calgary and Edmonton have the highest collision rates. More drivers on the road will always equal more accidents. If you’re driving in an urban area, be careful to leave enough space between vehicles to stop if an accident occurs further up the road, and be extra careful around vehicles that are swerving or driving under the speed limit, as you may be dealing with a distracted or drunk driver.

It’s also important to keep your cool in urban areas. It’s easy to get angry when the driver ahead of you doesn’t turn when you think they should, someone is tailgating you, or a driver ahead of you is driving under the limit. But the cooler your head is, the better your reaction will be if other driver’s actions cause an accident.

As an insurance broker, we’re very interested in your safety and in getting you into an auto insurance policy that will cover you against any eventuality, including a collision.

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