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What happens when you choose to move to a new community? Finding the right house for the right price is not usually the biggest concern. People want to know what each town has to offer, and if they have families, they want to know about dayhome options!

Dayhomes in Pilot Butte SK

The town of Pilot Butte hosts a page in their local phone book with dayhome providers and contact information. These phone books can be found at the Pilot Butte Town Office. As childcare is at a premium in Pilot Butte, the majority of dayhome providers listed, and the many others who are not, tend to be full or have waiting lists, so it is wise to start your research in advance.

These Pilot Butte dayhomes are run by a variety of women who either have young children of their own, or have years of experience with children. Most of these dayhomes were started as a result of the lack of availability in Pilot Butte, combined with the expense of sending their own children to a dayhome and the desire to stay home with their children. Dayhomes provide a loving, homelike environment for children, and levels of structure may vary. Hours of operation and prices can also vary, and are a huge consideration when it comes to finding a dayhome that fits your family needs. Contracts are often written up by these providers to communicate clearly the rules and expectations of both parties involved.

Average Cost for Childcare

In the town of Pilot Butte, childcare through a dayhome can range from $550-$650 per child, per month. There are exceptions, as some dayhome providers will charge only a daily rate of $20-$30 per child, or a part time rate each month. Although, some may still charge a monthly minimum. Be sure to ask if family rates are offered for the Pilot Butte parents who have more than one child in need of childcare at a time.

As is the rule of thumb for most things in life... go with your gut! If something about a dayhome or daycare does not sit well, then skip it and move on.

On the other hand, if one just feels “right”, and is still within your comfort zone, then grab that spot since space is so limited. Here are a few key questions to always ask a potential dayhome provider:

  • What are your hours of operation?
  • What is your daily/monthly fee and how would that look for my family
  • How do you account for your personal sick and vacation days?
  • Do you provide transportation to/from school?
  • What does a typical daily schedule look like for the children?
  • What is a typical meal/snack?
  • How do you enforce discipline for certain ages?
  • How much notice do you give/need if our time here comes to an end?

As mentioned above, there are multiple dayhome providers in the town of Pilot Butte, but only a few have openings. Here is a list of who is currently available and their contact information:

Terrie 306-586-7980* currently has up to three full time openings for ages 1-12
Tanis 306-781-1315* has openings for full time and summer children
Donna 306-721-8345* currently has a waitlist, but contact to confirm availability

Of course if you want more information about Pilot Butte, don't hesitate to contact me anytime!

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