Pilot Butte Central Water Project: How Hard is Your Water?


The town of Pilot Butte and partners have been working full swing this summer to complete the Central Water Project which has occupied the majority of their attention over the past 2 years.

The town of Pilot Butte's water supply was quality tested in May and the analysis came back in our favour. The water quality is listed as excellent and is considered to be soft at 35mg/L CaC03. Therefore, residential water softeners will not be required, but are a personal choice.

The Town of Pilot Butte printed these two charts in the May 30th, 2013 Central Water Update.

Comparison to surrounding communities

The standard expression of hardness expressed as mg/L of CaC03 are:

Now that most of the homes in Pilot Butte have their central water pipes in place, the next step is connecting the water supply to residential homes.

Next Steps for Residents

The residents of Pilot Butte whose water lines have been flushed by KMS Construction, need to follow the remaining steps (as outlined in the Town of Pilot Butte Central Water Project Update from May 30, 2013):

  • Pick up a pre-water meter assembly system from the Pilot Butte Town Office – instructions will be provided with the kit.
  • Convert the plumbing in your home and install the pre-water meter assembly unit – all plumbing must be done as per plumbing code. A power point presentation is being prepared for the Town of Pilot Butte website, for your reference.
  • Please contact the Pilot Butte Town Office at 306-781-6251 to arrange a time for the Town to turn on the Pilot Butte town water supply to your home, with the work to be done during office hours.
  • Once the water is turned on to your home, you are requested to contact Stormy's Mechanical at stormys@sasktel.net to make arrangements for the installation of your water meter as soon as possible, within a month of the Town water being turned on.
  • If you do not wish to use Stormy's Mechanical for your water meter installation, your plumber can do this work but there will be not credit to you. If you are considering using your plumber to install the water meter, the Pilot Butte Town Office requests you contact them first for further information.

And, as mentioned in a previous post, the Pilot Butte Central Water Project Prepayment Incentive Program is still in effect until July 31, 2013. The remaining discount is 1% . Please check the Town of Pilot Butte Website for regular updates, or contact the Pilot Butte Town Office at 306-781-4547.

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