Pilot Butte Central Water Project


2013 brings a lot of change to the town of Pilot Butte, the biggest being the completion of our Central Water Project. The Pilot Butte Central Water Project has been a hot topic since 2009 when the town of Pilot Butte received a federal and provincial grant. 12.4 million dollars was allocated to build a water treatment plant, which is now located on the north end of 5th Avenue, near 9th Street, in Pilot Butte.

Brief History of the Pilot Butte Water Project

CBC covered the Pilot Butte Central Water Project, back on July 29th, 2009, they briefly summarized the opinions of the mayor and some residents of Pilot Butte. On February 4th, 2010, despite some opposition the motion was passed for the town of Pilot Butte to go ahead with the construction of the water treatment plant.

The town's mayor, Sid Bowles had insisted that the long term health and growth of the Pilot Butte community was a large factor in this decision. The Central Water Project does not seem to be making the headline news, but remains a hot topic in the town of Pilot Butte as residents make their way through streets full of mud, sand, ruts and large machinery.

The Cost of Water

Over 600 households currently get their water from private wells, and there was reluctance from the residents to pay over $10,000 a piece to accommodate the Central Water Project. Despite that, the town of Pilot Butte has moved forward with the project and hope to be nearing completion by the end of 2013. Therefore, any Pilot Butte residents who have not paid their Central Water Project fees will have the balance added to their 2014 taxes over 10 years at 6% interest.

No matter what stance people have previously taken, I believe the residents of Pilot Butte are excited for the completion of the water treatment facility.

With the completion of the water treatment plant on the horizon and our convenient location as a bedroom community to Regina, property development in Pilot Butte is certainly heating up. I look forward to brining you more information in the next couple of weeks!

About the author: Heather Ramage has been a Licensed Mortgage Associate in Saskatchewan since 2011. Heather, along with her husband and three boys have been residents of Pilot Butte since 2008. Heather spends most of her time actively involved in her community. You will most likely find her on the rink in the winter and on the lake in the summer.

Living in Pilot Butte Saskatchewan, I am a big time hockey mom & volunteer. I love my church, my community, and I am a Licensed Mortgage Associate with First Foundation…

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