What Is Tenant Insurance?

Tenant Insurance Definition

Tenant insurance, also known as renters insurance or apartment insurance, covers the contents of the policyholder’s rental unit as well as personal liability for accidents that happen on their rented property.

If you are renting a property, you should seriously consider tenant insurance.

Tenant insurance will also contain liability coverage for damage to parts of the rental unit or to the building itself. Liability coverage will usually mean you won’t have to worry about a huge bill if you have to replace a window or a door.

Tenant insurance is usually inexpensive relative to the cost of homeowners insurance, as the main coverage areas are liability and contents, with only minor coverage for damage to the building itself, which has to be specifically caused by you or a visitor to your unit or you. Damage to the building itself from any other source will be covered under your landlord’s homeowners insurance.


Brent is a college student enrolled in a trades certification program. He has a number of expensive tools that he’s purchased both for school and to do odd jobs for money. If Brent’s tools were destroyed in a fire or stolen, he’d be unable to perform tasks at school, or make extra money on the side. He also likes to have parties at his apartment.

Brent’s insurance broker recommends a standard renters insurance package, with coverage for all of the contents of his unit, including his tools. The package will also cover Brent in case one of his friends injures themselves in his apartment.

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Tips from First Foundation

Coverage for Moving Costs and Hotels

If a fire or similar incident happens and you have to move while your unit is being rebuilt, some tenant’s insurance policies will also cover your hotel bills, meals out, and other expenses. Ask your broker to add this to your tenant’s insurance policy if it isn’t included, as these costs can add up.

Additional Coverage for Renters

If you have items like fine jewelry, expensive computer equipment, or a collection of photography equipment, you could be going over the limits for your contents insurance on your tenants policy, and you can purchase additional insurance for most of these items.

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Last updated Feb 11, 2019