Because Money Podcast | Episode 2


Every Wednesday night I hangout with Sandi Martin and Robb Engen in what we call the Because Money podcast.

We have a lot of fun talking about personal finance in Canada and when we can past technical difficulties, we actually make some great points. Here is a quick summary of what we discussed this week.

Summary of Topics

  • Most consumers believe they are financially responsible while at the same time believe that everyone else isn't. How do you address this paradox?
  • Is it a good idea to accelerate payments on no interest loans to pay them off quickly or invest in something like a TFSA?
  • Thumbs are for hitchhiking - does a one sized fits all approach work in Canadian personal finance.
  • We highlighted some awesome quotes in the article "Stupid Things Finance People Say"
  • The idea that every Canadian would be better served by receiving a regular paycheck instead of social programs like CPP and OAS.
  • We also talked a little bit about CPP reform.

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