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First Foundation has been serving Edmonton and area since 2002. You can still count on First Foundation to deliver great interest rates, friendly people, industry leading technology for your convenience, and award winning service.Our team of Edmonton Mortgage Brokers would be happy to work with you.

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With a First Foundation Mortgage Broker, You Get:

Great Mortgage Rates! (Our high volumes mean discounts for you!)

Fast, FREE, friendly service! (2x Finalist: Top Customer Service in Canada)

No pressure. Our Mortgage Brokers offer you the best deal we can, up front, every time

Licensed, experienced Mortgage Brokers

A commitment to earning your trust. (A+ Accredited at BBB)

Convenience! (at our office or online)

One-stop-shopping (Extras like home and auto insurance available)

Real people - no call centres!

Great Rates, Without the Hassle

If you're looking for the best deal on mortgage rates without the hassle of having to shop around, a mortgage broker can help you find a solution that fits your specific needs. Unlike traditional lenders, Edmonton mortgage brokers like First Foundation do not actually lend you money for your mortgage. Instead, they work with banks and other financial institutions on your behalf, in order to secure the best rates and a repayment schedule that suits your financial situation.

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Working in Your Best Interest

When you sit down to discuss your needs with a mortgage broker, you're not talking to a bank employee, but someone who is obligated to work in your best interest. Brokers work for you, and will compare your needs with the current offerings from many different Edmonton financial institutions. Despite this personalized attention, employing the services of an Edmonton mortgage broker won't cost you anything. Their compensation comes from the banks, which pay the mortgage broker for bringing in a new customer.

Get the Best Rates and Terms: Free

When working with a mortgage broker in Edmonton, you not only have freedom of choice when it comes to financial institutions, but you can choose between a fixed or variable term mortgage. This ensures that you not only get the best deal, but you get terms for your mortgage that work best with your unique situation. If you want to make changes to your payments in the future, a broker like First Foundation can speak to the lender on your behalf, saving you the time and stress of dealing with the financial institution yourself. Best of all? In most cases, our service is entirely free to you.

First Foundation Negotiates on Your Behalf

Even if you'd like to place your mortgage with your own bank, First Foundation can still help. Because they negotiate with many different institutions, brokers often have access to better rates than those that are offered directly by the bank itself, so choosing a mortgage broker in Edmonton could help you to secure a lower rate, all while maintaining a relationship with your existing bank. Before making the decision to stick with your bank, you should look at the attractive rates and repayment terms from other institutions that First Foundation will be able to provide for you.
As an Edmonton mortgage broker working for you, First Foundation will not only handle the financial side of things, but can also help you to coordinate with your lawyer, realtor, appraiser and other professionals involved in the process while you look for your new home in Edmonton.
Dealing with a mortgage is stressful. It's a major financial obligation and likely the largest financial liability you will ever own. Whether you're buying your first home or looking to move up, First Foundation can help you get the best deal in town. Instead of leaving you to shop around, your mortgage broker will handle the negotiating with financial institutions to ensure you get the best rate, with a mortgage term that suits your needs.
Last updated Mar 15, 2019