Edmonton Mortgage Interest Rates

Latest Edmonton Mortgage Interest Rates

When it comes to getting the best mortgage interest rates in Edmonton, working with a mortgage broker like First Foundation can provide you with options and the flexibility to fit your needs. Because they work with multiple lenders, First Foundation can negotiate to ensure you get the best mortgage rates in Edmonton.

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Great Mortgage Rates at No Extra Cost

With First Foundation, you can get Edmonton mortgage rates and terms that fit what you want, rather than the limited options you will get from your bank. This is because your mortgage broker is paid directly by the financial service companies they deal with, rather than charging you for their services. Unlike a bank employee, your broker works for you, not for the financial institution. They are partners in the purchase of your house who will work to find you the best terms and mortgage rates for your Edmonton home.

Fixed and Flexible Terms

When looking for a mortgage rate in Edmonton, you can choose from a fixed, variable or adjustable rate mortgage, and each has its advantages and disadvantages. Fixed terms provide stability and consistency, while variable and adjustable rate mortgages will adapt to fit market conditions. Under a fixed term, you agree to pay a set mortgage rate for the entire duration of the term, which can be anywhere from six months to 25 years in length.
Variable and adjustable rate mortgages may allow you to get a better deal should interest rates go down while you're still in the middle of your term, but you may be left with higher payments if interest rates go up. With a variable rate mortgage, your payments remain fixed at a set amount, but market rates dictate how much of each payment goes towards the principle and how much to paying the interest.
With an adjustable rate mortgage, your payments will fluctuate with the market, so that you can be confident you'll pay off your mortgage in the same space of time, regardless of interest rates. An Edmonton mortgage broker like First Foundation can help you figure out the ideal mortgage rate for your situation, ensuring that you get the best deal in Edmonton mortgage rates.

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First Foundation Negotiates the Best Rates For You

Since they work with so many lenders, First Foundation has the leverage to ensure you get the best deal possible when it comes to Edmonton mortgage rates. By working through a broker, you can secure a lower mortgage rate or better terms than you would get directly from the bank. Different lenders have various strengths and weaknesses, but with First Foundation's personalized services, they will do the legwork for you, finding you a mortgage rate that fits your life and your home ownership goals.

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Last updated Feb 11, 2019