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The Canadian Mortgage Hangout is a scheduled weekly hangout where mortgage professionals in Canada discuss stories that affect our industry. #cmhTV (as the hashtag goes) has no affiliation with any one company or organization but is the neutral voice of an online broker community. Gord McCallum and I both participate as weekly hosts and have a lot of fun doing it!

Normally I don't include the Canadian Mortgage Hangout on our #OwnGrowProtect Blog because #cmhTV is focused entirely on the mortgage broker industry. However the last couple weeks we have had a lot of conversation around industry best practices and the content might be relevant for other business professionals. I figured I would share a couple videos and a let you know that we are seeking a nomination for the Canadian Mortgage Awards.

Dual Licensing

In this episode we discuss the idea of dual licensing. Should one individual be able to hold both a mortgage broker license and a REALTOR® license and practice both at the same time?

As you can tell from the discussion, there is no shortage of one-sided opinions here. What are your thoughts? Would love to hear from you in the comments below!

Referrals & Conflicts of Interest

Different provinces have different legislation on what is considered acceptable payment for referrals. Our conversation focuses on REALTORS@ referring mortgage leads to one source in return for payment, are they then "trading in mortgages"? And are they providing their clients with the best service by doing so?

Love that it took us 15 seconds to realize that we were on air and that Gord came at me when I answered "can't complain" to "how are you doing"? Anyway...

CMP Canadian Mortgage Awards

The CMP Canadian Mortgage Awards recognizes and celebrates excellence from across the entire spectrum of mortgage brokering in Canada. There are several awesome categories, but one that has peaked our interest.

Canadian Mortgage Awards CMA

Happy you have made it this far, I realize that talking about the mortgage industry isn't all that glamorous, but there is no doubt that we love what we do. So much so that the...

Canadian Mortgage Hangout is asking for your support in nominating #cmhTV for the category, Best Internet Presence in the CMP Canadian Mortgage Awards.

Go ahead and click that image up there to be taken to the nominations page... not convinced? Well... In support of this request, Scott Dawson and I have prepared this video for your viewing pleasure!

Top 5 Reasons to Nominate #cmhTV for the CMA Best Internet Presence

In case you are just hankering for some more conversation around the mortgage broker industry (which makes you rather odd), I thought I would provide a list of the top episodes of #cmhTV from the past year! Enjoy!

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