Canadian Mortgage Hangout May 23rd 2013


Hot Dog - The Canadian Mortgage Hangout had some great conversation on Twitter this week, video is below for your viewing pleasure. However let me mention that the Canadian Mortgage Hangout is a weekly live Google+ hangout where we discuss issues within the mortgage brokerage industry in Canada. You can join us live every Thursday at 10am PST/1pm EST at or on twitter at #cmhTV. Sometimes we have guests with a real format and structure, and other times we just wing it. This episode was done from the seat of our pants - whatever that means!


Gord McCallum - "Red shirt makes a Difference" @gordmccallum
Rob Campbell - "Brought to you by Verico" @therobcampbell
Jackson Middleton - "Domain Squatter" @kiltedbroker
Scott Dawson - "Domain Hoarder" @sdd


Quite the topics this week. It was a real fast show with lots of conversation and interaction from twitter. Here is some of the articles we discussed and some conversation from twitter.

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