Canadian Personal Finance Hangout | Episode 1


Last night we had a soft launch for what we are calling the "Canadian Personal Finance Hangout". Along with Robb Engen from Boomer & Echo, Sandi Martin from Spring Personal Finance, I will be hosting a weekly hangout focused on having smart conversation around money in Canada.

The Canadian Personal Finance Hangout is a weekly Google+ hangout, conversation style social Q&A that airs every Wednesday evening.

To catch the show live and join the conversation, you can check us out at the every Wednesday night at 930pm EST (Boring Ontario), 830 CST (Hearty Saskatchewan Folk), 730 MST (Oil Country Albertans) or 630 PST (Hippies in BC).

However if you just want to cut to the chase and watch the video, I present to you...

Episode 1 | Introduction and Other Stuff

Now this may seem a little silly at this point because we have only recorded one episode, however below is a complete list of Canadian Personal Finance Hangout Episodes. As we continue to record them, the list will grow.

Feel free to push some buttons on the list, That little arrow up button is a good indication that you liked it... or hit the "I've seen this" button if you watched the video...

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