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So I made the offer on twitter, got the following question, here is the conversation.

So Gord McCallum and I recored the following video!

Mortgage Default, Credit Scores and You!

Although a mortgage default will not directly affect your credit score... I think Gord nails it with this statement

"I have never met anybody who has defaulted on their mortgage without prior default on all their other payments." Gord McCallum

Basically, if you are at the point where you are defaulting on your mortgage, although the actual mortgage default may not directly impact your credit score, chances are your score is already beaten down.

The Truth About Credit Inquiries

Another question that is commonly asked as it relates to credit scores is:

"I have heard that pulling my credit score will hurt me, is this true?"

In response to this question, back in March of 2013 I put together this post on our blog. and recorded this audio clip.

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