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Every week, Gord McCallum and I are co-hosts on hangout dedicated to bettering the mortgage broker channel called Canadian Mortgage Hangout or #cmhTV. This week, we had a special guest Sandi Martin, a fee only planner with Spring Personal Finance in Ontario.

In the episode called "Ex-Banker Tells All" Sandi; conveniently an ex-banker, went on to explain some of the things employees at the bank branch level are trained to say to scare their clients into not using the services of a mortgage broker. One of them being the idea that once you place your mortgage with a mortgage broker, they will no longer offer you any customer service and that you will be shipped off to a faceless lender somewhere with no one to talk with!

At First Foundation, we are committed to the highest level of customer service and client support!

So here is a conversation I had with Jenn Huynh; also conveniently an ex-banker, about what the customer service process looks like with First Foundation and how we do not operate like a traditional mortgage brokerage.

What If I have Questions 3 Years From Now?

Service to Existing Clients

As Jenn mentioned in the video, we are 100% committed to not only helping our new clients with home financing, but we are always available 9-5 to answer questions for our clients who have questions about their existing mortgage.

A lot of the lenders we deal with are setup with online banking which makes small changes to the mortgage very manageable, however if you would prefer to deal with us, rather than go online or call the lender directly, we would be more than happy to help. Attached below is an authorization form we use to secure information from the lender.

Mortgage Broker Channel Awards

I realize even by including this section we are walking a fine line, anytime you talk about your accomplishments publicly you run the risk of appearing arrogant. That is not our desire at all.

I have included some of the awards and nominations First Foundation has received over the last few years, not as a way to brag, but as evidence to our commitment to customer service.


  • CMP Mortgage Awards “Top Customer Service for an Individual Office” 2008
  • CMP Mortgage Awards “Best Internet Presence” 2009
  • CMP Mortgage Awards “Best Newcomer – Lisa Last” 2009
  • CMP Mortgage Awards “Mortgage Brokerage of the Year" (>25 Employees) 2010
  • CMP Mortgage Awards “Top Customer Service for an Individual Office” 2012


  • CMP Mortgage Awards “Best Internet Presence” 2010
  • Accredited Mortgage Professional (AMP) of the Year - Gord McCallum 2011

Also, if you have a look at our Google+ local page - we have 13 client reviews, all of which are 5 star.

If you are an existing First Foundation client, we value our relationship with you, please contact us anytime for any reason! Seriously, we mean that!

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