First Foundation and Gordon McCallum - A Profile


Back in November 2008, Canadian Mortgage Professional magazine did a profile on our very own Broker/Owner Gordon McCallum. We thought it would be neat to share with you some of the highlights of the profile to shed some light on how First Foundation got its start.

Gord had attempted opening a couple other small businesses, but they just didn’t take off, so he asked a Realtor friend if he had any ideas. That’s when Gord initially thought about opening a mortgage brokerage. Although at the time he hadn’t heard the term before, after some explanation from his friend, he thought it was a great concept that provided excellent value to consumers.

Gord started his foray into mortgage brokering working under Mortgage Alliance for six months, then moved on to being licensed for another year and a half under a commercial brokerage (as all new mortgage brokers in Alberta must be licensed for two years prior to becoming a broker and owning their own brokerage).
From there, First Foundation was born as its own entity in 2002. First Foundation’s focus at that point was determined to be mortgage applicants with sound credit, good jobs, and overall quality in the eyes of mortgage lenders – a brand that Gord felt mortgage consumers can trust. That brand, and First Foundation, have stuck around since 2002, and we are currently in our seventh year of business. Thanks to all our clients and partners for their support!

If you’re interested in reading a more detailed story of Gord McCallum and First Foundation how they got to where they are today, please read the complete mortgage broker profile on Gord McCallum published by Canadian Mortgage Professional magazine.