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if you are reading this, chances are you came across our @firstfoundation Corporate Twitter Handle and clicked through the bio link because you wanted to know a little bit more about First Foundation. Thanks for connecting with us.

On the First Foudnation Corporate Twitter Account, we share information about Mortgages, Insurance, Real Estate & Personal Finance!

Here is what you can expect if you follow us on twitter.

@firstfoundation Time Line

How we Use Our Twitter Account

The goal of our First Foundation Corporate Twitter Account is to share information about the services we offer, current and archieved blog posts and any relevant news affecting home owners. If you ask us a question, please allow us a little time to respond. However if you want to engage us directly, please consider using our personal twitter accounts below.

Twitter Account Managers

Currently the First Foundation Corporate Twitter Account is being managed by 3 people, feel free to follow or engage any of us on our personal twitter handles for a more in depth conversation. In the case that a tweet is more personal in nature, we will sign off using the signatures below.

  • Keith D Andrade - @keithdandrade ~KA | Schedules regular posts for sharing
  • Jackson Middleton - @kiltedbroker ~KB | Monitors account for #socialFAQ
  • Gord McCallum - @gordmccallum ~GM | Monitors account for activity - RTs

Latest News Stories

One of our objectives is to be your source for relevant news dealing with mortgages, real estate and personal finance. We go through blogs and news publications on a daily basis and add the stories we think are worth sharing. However rather than just sharing the link to the original article, we actually add the article to a list that is posted on our website. We then tweet a link to the list of stories indicating what we have added.

On the first of every month, we post a new set of lists on the #OwnGrowProtect Blog.


If you have a mortgage, insurance or personal finance question that you would like answered, consider asking us over twitter at any of our accounts. We will then respond to you publically by either creating a YouTube video or a Soundcloud podcast included on a blog post. Here is a list we have going with the questions we have been asked!

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