Heartbleed Bug and First Foundation


Heartbleed - what you need to know

Here at First Foundation one of they key tenets of our mission is that we want to help people protect themselves and their loved ones. That doesn't just apply to the insurance products we offer, but to everything we do. When we first heard about the Heartbleed bug affecting approximately 66% of the SSL certificates on the web, we knew it was potentially serious.

Thankfully our host, Nexcess, was quick to respond and issue a patch for their servers. Earlier today, as an additional precaution, we re-keyed our SSL certificates to ensure that you continue to receive top-notch security when completing forms like our mortgage application form and others. While we don't collect passwords at this time on our site, we encourage you to re-set your passwords on sites that have been patched for the bug.

If you'd like to check for yourself, we've compiled a list of Heartbleed tests by independent third parties so you can verify that doing business with First Foundation is indeed safe.

For a great primer on how to protect yourself against this vulnerability, read CNET's article on how to protect yourself from the heartbleed bug.

Thank you for your continued support and for putting your trust in us. We will continue to do our best to make sure you get the security you expect when you visit our site.


Gordon McCallum, President.

President of First Foundation Residential Mortgages and First Foundation Insurance. Live in Edmonton but cheer for the Riders. I have lots of kids. Follow me on Twitter @gordmccallum

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