Hiring Real Estate Industry Professionals


You’ve settled on the fact that you want to sell or buy a house. Just like announcing that you’re having a baby will invite skads of unsolicited but well meaning advice and guidance, as soon as your friends and family catch wind of your intentions, you’ll be given the names and numbers of Realtors, mortgage brokers, house inspectors, lawyers etc.

Some recommendations will be tried and true and others will be a cousin’s babysitter’s husband’s friend from high school. I’m not saying that the latter couldn’t be the best real estate professional or mortgage broker on the planet but they may also be fresh from their licencing exam and lacking practical experience or perhaps just not a specialist in your particular need or location. So how do you choose?

We went straight to the professionals themselves for advice and in this series of five articles you’ll find expert tips for hiring:

  • Realtors
  • Real Estate Lawyers
  • Home Inspectors
  • Home Appraisers
  • Mortgage Brokers

In today’s article we’ve gone to local Realtors for tips on finding the right Realtor to suit your needs:

Troy Paquette – Realtor – Condo Crew Area Specialist for South Edmonton and Sherwood Park

- I always suggest hiring a realtor that is full time. It could be the largest purchase of your life so you want a full time realtor not just a person who dabbles in real estate.

- Understand what the service is that your paying for.

- Make sure the realtor is knowledgeable in the product they are selling. An even better option is to find a specialist in the type of home your dealing with.

- Inquire about additional education the Realtor may have taken. I took an acreage course last year just to gain more info as I sell acreages every once and a while. Additional education never hurts.

Sheri Grier – Realtor – Schmidt Realty Group

- The most important request you can make of a potential Realtor is an initial consultation so you can get to know them. If they don’t have time to do that, it’s obviously not a good sign.

- Commitment to professional representation is key.

- Years in the business don’t matter nearly as much as integrity and commitment to helping a client; it’s not so much about selling them a house but working to help a client find a home.

- In listing a home, it’s critical to know the efforts made and how the process will go.

- Your Realtor should make you feel comfortable with being as invlovled as you need to be and should be willing to fully disclose ALL aspects of what is transpiring in the sale/purchase – you want to feel safe and well informed throughout the process.

Chris Currie – Realtor – Century 21 A.L.L. Stars Realty LTD

I would say that when looking for a Realtor you want to inquire about experience, years in the business, background, specialty markets such as condo’s, single family, acreage etc. Commitment to your particular needs is important and of course you need to feel comfortable with who you are working with.

I would also add, from personal experience, don’t waste your opportunity for working with a really excellent professional by choosing a Realtor randomly. Take the time to interview and select your Realtor before you start looking for houses and not only is there a good chance that you’ll find your dream property – you could have a really great time doing it, too!

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