Hosting an Event? Get the Right Insurance Coverage!


You've got the best idea ever, you're going to host a scotch tasting event for your most valued clients as a thank you for their support. You find the perfect venue with just the right ambiance and you remember the name of that great caterer who does the best appies.

The real coupe is that you managed to find a scotch distributor who was willing to come out and talk to your guests about the delights of each particular blend. It promises to be a great evening and your clients will be thanking you for inviting them for months!

photo by kaktuslampan on Flickr
Photo Credit: Talisker by kaktuslampan on Flickr

Of course you expect the event to turn out fabulously (and most of the time it does) but protecting yourself properly in case it doesn't is just smart business.

Most people aren't aware that they can be held legally liable for injury or damage caused by someone at or leaving their event while under the influence.

Get The Appropriate Coverage

Although most general liability business insurance policies would cover you in this unfortunate situation, that's not what they are intended for. Your regular policy is meant to cover you during the regular course of business, your daily operations. As a client appreciation event or any special event for that matter is not really considered "regular business" there is a better way to protect yourself and your regular insurance.

If you are hosting a special event, It's easy and inexpensive to put a Party Alcohol Liability policy in place to cover this added exposure.

If something unfortunate should happen, the special liability policy would respond and leave your regular insurance program intact. This is beneficial to you as any claim against your regular insurance will not only cost you up front, but will impact your claims history which will impact the relationship you have with your insurer. Ideally, your full liability limit should be reserved for your primary business and not be diluted by something that should have been insured separately.

From our experience, it's well worth investing the couple hundred bucks to make sure that even if something unexpected happens at your event, it won't impact the long term success of your business!

So, before you send out the invites, make sure to give us a call!

We have got you covered!

Kathy Anders is the Commercial Lines Managing Partner at First Foundation Insurance. Kathy also enjoys volunteering her time and investing in her community!

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