Kilted Broker - Using Social Media to Build My Business [Audio]


A couple months back I was having a conversation on twitter with a couple guys about how to use social media to effectively build a business. In response to that conversation, I decided to record a little bit of my story and explain how I used social media to grow and then sell my business. I sent the audio clip to the one guy in particular named Mike and then left it alone.

However recently I was asked to speak at a workshop called "How to be Awesome Online" put on by the guys at Strategy Lab in Regina SK. I told a couple of the same stories in my keynote and was immediately asked for the notes to my presentation. Alas, I didn't have any notes mostly because... well, I didn't make notes. Then I remembered I do have this sound clip, so I decided to share it with you now!

Topics of Discussion

  • How I started wearing a kilt - and became the @kiltedbroker
  • My initial strategy on twitter - listening!
  • The first mortgage I secured using social media
  • How I made $17000 on a Jar of Cheese Whiz, A brick of Velveeta & an expired can of Spray Cheese
  • Why I needed to make a change in my business (too busy)
  • Why First Foundation made sense for me and my business
  • How First Foundation employs a team approach to the mortgage process
  • What I believe about business
  • How we are positioning the First Foundation blog to educate clients

If you have any comments or questions for me, please feel free to leave them below, I love talking about business!

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