Money Management 80s Style


Last year around this time I had the distinct pleasure of being invited to speak to a Career and Life Management class at the Millwoods Christian School here in Edmonton. I guess it went reasonably well because I somehow managed to get invited back.

As I was preparing for last year’s presentation I tried to find a workable clip of the now-famous Cosby show episode where Cliff teaches his son Theo about budgeting. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to show the clip to the class last year due to some of the rights-holders copyright restrictions – apparently Youtube can’t show the clip in Canada for some strange reason.

Thankfully I was able to stumble across the very same clip – thanks to Spike – and it works!

Somehow I have a feeling that if our kids learn these same fundamentals, that the next generation will manage their money a bit better. Let’s hope!

The Cosby Show – Season 1 – Clip from Pilot Episode
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