MoneyGeek - The Short Book on Investments [Review]


I am always on the lookout for dynamic personalities in Canada who create content to promote their business. Especially in the financial services, insurance and mortgage industry. A couple weeks ago, I was on twitter and came across Dr. Jin Won Choi - he stood out because he has a PhD. in Applied Mathematics - and to be honest, I don't even know what that is! Upon further investigation or lurking (whatever you call it) I found that he is the "Founding Geek" at I spent some time on his website and actually downloaded his free e-book.

I highly recommend taking 30 minutes to read "The Short Book on Investments".

This is the best investment I have made with my email address to date. Jackson Middleton

Ya, I just quoted myself, I am cool with it. Anyway, at first I was a little skeptical because in bold print, the first 2 headlines on the site was "Be Your Own Financial Advisor" and "Why Financial Advisors Give Bad Advice". Pretty bold statements! However after taking a read through his e-book "The Short Book on Investments" which makes the claim "Quickly and easily learn about the basics of investing, and feel confident about investing your own savings", I was actually convinced. Jin Won Choi PhD. was able to explain very complex financial terms and ideas in plain English. The book is super easy to read and is laid out very well. Here are some of the things he goes over!

  • Why you should learn to Invest you own savings
  • Background about himself (Why you can trust him)
  • Concepts - Compound Interest, Risk Liquidity & Diversity
  • Financial Products
  • Taxation with specific vehicles and examples of the bottom line
  • Practical Considerations as to what might be best for you and your personal investing
  • Very small sales pitch about membership to his site (not a slimy pitch, very well executed)

The Short Book on Investments is exactly this... "The Basics of Personal Investing Written in Clear and Simple Language".

As far as e-books go, value is a 10 out of 10. if you download the book and have a read, I would love to know what you thought of it, please take the time to comment below!

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