Mortgage Fraudsters: This Could Happen to You!


Recently, a major mortgage fraud scandal has been popping up in the news headlines in Edmonton. The estimated value of the fraud totals about $30 million. If you would like to read about the scheme, please visit the following links:

City Fraud Conviction Breaks Legal Ground

Granny-lookalike Gangster Guilty

City Fraudster Pleads Guilty

With the advances in technology, and the hot housing market, mortgage fraud is unfortunately becoming more and more common. To learn more about mortgage fraud, and how to avoid it, please see the blog entry entitled 11 Ways to Avoid Mortgage Fraud.

First Foundation considers mortgage fraud an extremely serious offense, and has a zero tolerance policy when it comes to fraud and fraud attempts. We applaud the work of the justice system in this mortgage fraud scam, and hope that everyone involved in the scam will be brought to justice.