Mortgage & Market News - Week of Feb.13th, 2012, Edmonton and Calgary


First Foundation’s Best Rates To Open the Week:

Term Rates
1 Year 2.89%
2 Year 2.89%
3 Year 2.79%
4 Year 2.99%
5 Year 3.19%
7 Year 3.99%
10 Year 3.89%

ARM / Variable 2.90%
Line of Credit 3.50%

Prine 3.00%
Qualifying Rate 5.14%

Market News

Canadian stocks ended at their lowest level in nearly a month on Tuesday, undermining the big gains they made at the start of the year, as mining and energy issues slid on a fresh round of euro zone credit downgrades and on concern about slowing U.S. retail sales.

The market reacted postively to the severe austerity measures approved early Monday by the Greek parliment in order to qualify for another round of bailout funds from the Eurozone. However, the upswing was short lived as Greece has not yet come forth with a plan to actually implement these extremely unpopular cuts which caused the Euro finance group to downgrade a meeting to finalize the package later this week to a telephone meeting.

Some analysts believe the cuts come too late anyway and that the rest of the eurozone will now be preparing to deal with the fall-out of an eventual Greek default and the country’s withdrawal from the Euro.

The Toronto Stock Exchange’s S&P/TSX composite index finished down 44.22 points, or 0.36 percent, at 12,354.47, its lowest close since Jan. 18.

Mortgage News

Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation is forecasting a stable housing market in Canada right through 2013. CMHC expects housing starts will total 190,000 units in 2012 and will increase to 193,800 units the following year. They are also predicting that home sales will amount to approximatly 457,300 units this year and as much as 468,200 units in 2013. The average home price is slated to reach $368,900 in 2012 and $379,000 the next year.

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