MPP is Offering Relief to Alberta Flood Victims


We believe that every mortgage should be protected and that no Canadian should ever lose their home because of circumstances out of their control. One of our insurance partners - the Mortgage Protection Plan (MPP) has recently stepped up to the plate to offer some relief to those affected by the floods in Alberta. We received this correspondence by email this morning!

We at MPP would like to express our concern, sadness and hopes for a speedy resolution to the difficult challenges the catastrophic flooding in Alberta has caused for our co-workers, friends and business colleagues.

Knowing that life is far from back to normal, we would like to offer what relief we can by forgiving a month of premium to clients, residing in areas affected by flooding, who call in to request this assistance. Please call us at:

MPP - 1 (866) 677-4366 - 8am - 8pm EST

We are proud to work with companies like MPP who consistently put their clients first!

If you are affected by these floods in Alberta and have MPP Insurance, make the call to MPP and receive payment relief for a month.

Please consider sharing this with your networks, in times like this, every little bit helps those affected!

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