Province of Alberta Approves Ridesharing Insurance


Uber Ridesharing Insurance

It was recently announced that the Superintendant of Insurance in the Province of Alberta has approved SPF 9 - aka Ridesharing Insurance - for Ridesharing Companies and their drivers. This is a welcome announcement in a Province with high demand for services from Uber, Lyft, and other such services and opens up the transportation services industry to more innovation and competition.

The added benefit of this coverage is that it ensures proper insurance protection for the Transportation Network Companies, as the Superintendant calls them, their drivers, and the consumers who use these services.

The was it works is that the risks are broken down into two phases: the personal phase and the commercial phase. The personal phase desrcibes when the driver is using their own vehicle for personal purposes and their personal insurance is in effect covering personal risks. As soon as a driver accepts a ride then the commercial phase kicks in with additional third-part liability protection. The commercial phase begins when the driver accepts the ride and goes en route to pickup the passenger, and ends once the passenger is dropped off at their destination.

First Foundation is currently offering Uber Insurance through Aviva, Intact Insurance, and Pembridge to Uber and its Drivers under the SPF 9 program and you can learn more about how the coverage works by reading the Uber Insurance Journey (PDF).

You can learn more about Ridesharing Insurance and Uber Insurance here on the First Foundation site or talk to one of our friendly Insurance Brokers for a quote if you're planning to be an Uber driver.

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