Set the Stage to Sell Your Home in Half the Time


Have you ever judged a book by it’s cover or a wine by it’s label? Have you ever landed on a website that looked unattractive and doubted it’s professionalism or quality and immediately returned to your Google search to find something more appealing to deal with?

Well, according to an article in the Edmonton Journal, home buyers are doing the same thing when they search for homes online via the MLS or the For Sale by Owner websites. The article quotes one Realtor as saying, “Buyers are not even going to go to your property to see it in person if they didn’t like what they saw on the computer.”

Apparently, between 85 and 90 per cent of house hunters look on the Internet before contacting a realtor.

“By the time they phone or contact us, they’ve already looked at lots of properties. If they’re looking for stuff on the Internet, the first thing is if it has no pictures I ask them, ‘What do you do?’ And they go, ‘Click on the next one.’ “, says Ben Officer, a realtor with ReMax.

With most of the initial browsing done on a computer screen, and pics of the property being a must, creating an appealing look to your home is more important than ever. Home stagers can help you achieve a this – think of them as personal dressers for your home. Just like on the show “What Not To Wear”, your home stager will help you remove the unsightly clutter in your home, re-arrange what’s left and blend it with some rented props to create a welcoming and exciting atmosphere for your potential buyers.

The article suggests that a professional home stagers could cost you between $600 to $900 but their contribution can increase your selling price by thousands as well as cut your selling time significantly. According to one local home staging company, Trish Dempsey Home Staging , “on average, professionally staged homes sell 50% faster and for 7-10% more money than homes not staged.”

Be sure to read the Edmonton Journal article to find out more about the benefits of hiring a home stager.

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