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It is no secret that I am quite the fan of Simon Sinek. I was first introduced to Simon in early 2011 when a friend of mine told me that the TEDTalk -"How Great Leaders Inspire Action" was a game changer. Having watched it over 20 times now, I must say that it indeed changed my game. Figured I would share some of my favorite highlights and the video itself.

In what he calls the Golden Circle, Simon explains why some organizations and some leaders are able to inspire action and why some aren't. He makes the claim that "people don't buy what you do, people buy why you do it."

"The goal isn't to do business with everybody who needs what you have, the goal is to do business with people who believe what you believe." Simon Sinek

How Great Leaders Inspire Action

*** Watch it all - Seriously, it's only 18 mins - so worth it!

Start With Why

If you are like me, and you always want more of a good thing, you can find Simon Sinek's book "Start With Why" for sale all over the interwebs. Amazon has it for your Kindle or you can actually buy an autographed copy directly from the Start With Why Website. I found the book went into greater detail and really flushed out the concepts from the TEDTalk. Certainly worth picking up for your library.

If buying a book is a little scary for you, you can always check out Simon's Blog, I might not agree with everything he writes, but he certainly gets you thinking.

Why I Chose First Foundation

When the conversation had started about having me join First Foundation, one of the first things Gord McCallum and I discussed was, what First Foundation believes. I remember this vividly, Gord passionately shared the company's vision, objectives and pillars, and how they are being brought together through the idea of "Own Grow and Protect" - and then he made this statement:

"We believe there is a better way to operate in the mortgage broker channel". Gord McCallum

As someone who was looking for a better way to run his business, this resonated with me.

Gord explained that by separating the 2 main tasks of the traditional mortgage broker, client acquisition & mortgage underwriting, First Foundation is able to provide superior customer service to its clients. First Foundation only employs mortgage brokers that are paid salary, whose sole responsibility is to manage clients, clients that are brought in through the website or Business Development Managers (such as myself).

After working with First Foundation for a period of 3 months on a trial run, I came to the realization that:

First Foundation was able to provide better customer service to my clients than I was, so in the best interest of my clients, I joined First Foundation.

If you are a mortgage client looking for some advice on how to proceed with a mortgage, you have come to the right place, we got you! If you are a mortgage broker looking for a better way to run your mortgage business... or you just want to talk about how awesome that Simon Sinek video was... I would love to have a conversation with you. Feel free to connect with me anytime!

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