TEDxRegina 2013 Videos Now Available


On June 4th of 2013, First Foundation was a proud sponsor of the TEDxRegina held at the University Theater U of R in Regina Saskatchewan.


Both Conrad Hewitt and Keith D Andrade represented First Foundation at this event. Here is a summary of their experience.

TEDxRegina is an independently organized TED event. The organizers, speakers, volunteers and sponsors are Regina community members passionate about ideas and creating value for our city.

Here is the complete collection of 8 TEDxRegina Talks in one list. You can play the videos directly from the list. Please let us know what you think of each by either voting up or down, hitting the "Iv'e Seen This" button or by adding a comment. Sharing is Caring!

TEDxRegina 2013
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What is your favourite TEDtalk of all time? Please feel free to share below!

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