Week 37 2013 | Canadian Mortgage, Real Estate and Personal Finance News [Review]


So here is a summary of the best news stories and blog posts dealing with Canadian real Estate, Canadian Mortgages and Personal Finance in Canada released this week. All in all as expected there wasn't any major movements in the mortgage world, the real estate sector continues to see gains (based around the low interest rate environment) and lots of people have great ideas on how to manage your personal finances.

Canadian Real Estate News

Seems like nothing is stopping the machine that is Canadian Real Estate. It keeps moving along setting new records for house prices, makes you wonder how long this can last. I don't expect to see the same drop a lot of doomsday prophets are predicting, but over the next couple of years, I wouldn't be surprised to see some correction downward.

Canadian Personal Finance News

Lots of interesting independent blogs featured in this weeks list, thanks to Sandi Martin for all her great work on curating the list and finding articles to share that aren't on the mainstream.

Canadian Mortgage News

Steady as she goes was the motto this week. Gord McCallum and I attended a conference in Edmonton put on by the Alberta Mortgage Brokers Association dealing with technology, privacy and fraud prevention, it was very informative, I have added the summary of that conference to the list, have a look!

Enjoy your weekend!

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