Week 37 2013 | Mortgage Interest Rates [Comparison]


On the First Foundation interest rate page, we bring together all the best interest rates from each broker channel lender and display the lowest rates in our interest rate chart for each term. However we often get asked about the other major banks in Canada and how we compare to them... so we figured why not bring together everything all together in one place so you can compare the mortgage interest rates yourself!

Here is a list of First Foundation's mortgage interest rates compared to a couple of local credit unions and the big 6 banks.

Canadian Mortgage Interest Rates

It would be information overload if we brought together a list of every rate on every term from every lender. So to provide an general overview, we have used the 5 yr fixed rate to sort the lender list. Some lenders use a "posted rate" and a "discount or special rate", for the purposes of this list, we used the lowest 5 yr fixed rate we could find on their website (regardless of stipulations).

  1. First Foundation - 3.59%
  2. Conexus Credit Union - 3.69%
  3. Servus Credit Union - 3.69%
  4. BMO Bank of Montreal - 3.79%
  5. TD Canada Trust - 3.79%
  6. RBC Royal Bank - 3.89%
  7. CIBC - 3.89%
  8. Scotia Bank - 3.89%
  9. National Bank - 5.34%

*** This is a list of the best 5 yr fixed posted on each lenders rate page, this does not specifiy any terms or conditions for approval.

Complete Interest Rate Comparison List

So here is list with a link to each of the lenders rate pages. I sorted the list from lowest rate to highest. Poor National Bank, no discount rate at all on their page. If you have any questions about interest rates or securing a low interest on your mortgage, please contact us anytime, we would love to help you work through all your mortgage options.

***These rates are for use in Week 37 2013 - please consider this the legal jargon stating that you should check with each lender individually to confirm best rates and if there is an error in reporting you will not hold First Foundation responsible. Links provided to be used for information purposes only. <<--- Fine Print.

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