Week 38 2013 | Canadian Mortgage, Real Estate and Personal Finance News [Review]


Typical, average & non-life changing - pretty much describes the news dealing with Canadian mortgages, real estate and personal finance this week. There were a few stories that stuck out, I have included some highlights.

​Canadian Personal Finance News

My favorite article from this week was Financial Planners: Practice What You Preach - from Money Sense Magazine. I thought this was a nice little read, basically it says that you should ask your fund manager or financial advisor what their portfolio looks like... chances are it won't look anything like yours! Here is my favorite quote from the article is listed below.

"Do you know what your fund manager or adviser’s portfolio looks like?" David Hodges

Canadian Mortgage News

The beginning of week 38 saw some action in the bond market with some of the news from the USA, however everything steadied out by the end of the week. News stories report that both Finance Minster Jim Flaherty and Bank of Canada Governor Stephen Poloz seem to have a positive outlook for the Canadian economy, which is good for the mortgage market.

Canadian Real Estate News

The small boost reported this week in the Canadian housing market is being "blamed" on pre-approved buyers rushing to cash in on low rate holds... I am not sure I buy it, but someone did buy a condo for over $40M in Vancouver - which was the most expensive condominium purchase in Canadian history.

If you or someone you know would like to help me curate the Canadian Real Estate News list, that would be super cool. Please consider contacting me anytime, I am always available for an online coffee.

Hope you had a great weekend | Week 39 Lists will be out tomorrow!

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