What you NEED to know about 9 Volt Batteries and Fire Safety


I came across this video on Facebook and thought it was worth sharing. What an incredible story! When it comes to fire safety, you can never be too safe!

6 Ways to Prevent Fires in Your Home

In October of 2013, Angela West wrote an article on our blog called 5 Ways to Prevent Fires in Your Home. Certainly worth a read if you missed it. Here are the major points!

  1. Install and Check Smoke Alarms Regularly
  2. Be Careful When Cooking
  3. Check Your Electrical System
  4. Use Only Modern, Safety Approved Space Heaters
  5. Maintain Wood Stoves and Fireplaces Properly

After watching this video, let me add a 6th point to the list: Properly Store and Dispose of Batteries

Fire Safety Resource List

Here is a reference list of great resources we have put together that deal with fire safety.

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