Why Wouldn’t You Want Cheaper Insurance?


Last year, First Foundation introduced a personal Home and Auto Insurance Program** for our customers. The program is administered by Marsh’s Private Client Services (MPCS) and underwritten by Novex Insurance.

In these difficult economic times, we wish to remind you that as a customer of First Foundation, you have access to this money-saving benefit for yourself, your spouse and dependent children. In many cases, customers of First Foundation can save on their insurance by taking time to compare rates * – you might discover an opportunity to save on your personal insurance needs.

Program Features and Benefits:

Preferred group discounted rates;

  • Monthly payment plans with no service or pre-approved chequing (PAC) fees;
  • Wide range of products;
  • Help to determine what coverage will best suit your needs;
  • 24-hour emergency claims service;
  • Claims counseling should the need ever arise; and
  • Access to other insurers, if required.

To see how much you could save through this program, please call Marsh’s Private Client Services at 1 877 476 6727 or visit their website for a no-obligation quote.

Don’t pay more than you need to on your insurance – Take advantage of the savings available to you!

To hear about the other value-add products that First Foundation offers our clients contact us today!

  • Actual amounts saved over existing rates may vary.
  • Automobile insurance is not available in provinces where government automobile insurance plans exist.

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