Winter Driving Most Likely to Stress Out Alberta Drivers


TD Insurance conducted a poll with drivers that found more Albertans are tense about driving in winter weather than other Canadians. Most drivers in Alberta don't need a poll to tell them the obvious. With white-out conditions, high snow accumulation, high winds and other factors, Alberta drivers have a lot to be concerned about. It's not that we don't know how to drive in winter, it's just that we have many more factors at play than most Canadians do when we roll out into the snow.

Only Half of Albertans Use Snow Tires

The poll found that even with their misgivings, 38% of Alberta's drivers don't get vehicles serviced before winter and only half use snow tires. To keep yourself safe on winter roads, you should pinch pennies on something else, not snow tires. All-seasons lose their effectiveness and become too hard at 7 degrees Celsius, a temperature that an Albertan winter isn't likely to see too often. Snow tires also have better stopping power in slush and on ice, and this can help you avoid an accident. They're not just an industry ploy to gouge more money out of consumers; they work and they work well.

Roadside Assistance Vital in Winter

If you do drive regularly in winter, make sure you're covered under a roadside assistance program. Your battery may need a boost, your keys may get locked in the car, or you may need a tow and be subject to exorbitant rates if you don't have roadside assistance coverage. The Canadian Automobile Association offers a great roadside assistance package along with discounts at popular retailers and service providers for a low annual premium.

The catch with CAA is that they won't sign you up during an emergency, so it's something you don't want to leave until you actually need it. Many dealerships also offer roadside assistance under their warranty programs, so make sure you have the information in your glove box if you're covered under one of those. Insurance providers may also offer roadside assistance with your policy; check with your broker to see if your policy includes it.

Make Sure Your Insurance Covers You For Alberta

If you get your car insurance through First Foundation, you're dealing with an Alberta-based company that knows exactly what kind of coverage you need on our roads. We'll make sure that you've got everything you need for winter driving on your policy and nothing that you don't. We'll also make sure that you're paying the lowest rate you can for the best coverage possible. As insurance brokers, we are in your corner and will be there for you if you do have an accident or have any questions about your auto insurance.

With offices in Edmonton and Calgary, we're in your community and stand ready to help if you need us. Contact First Foundation today to make sure your policy works for winter roads in Alberta.

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