What is the Alberta Insurance Council?

Alberta Insurance Council Definition

The financial, investigative and administrative branch of the four insurance councils in Alberta. The Alberta Insurance Council (AIC) is meant to protect consumers by enforcing the operating standards of insurance companies, insurance adjusters and insurance agents. The AIC also collects the $750 annual assessment that insurance companies operating in Alberta must pay to receive a certificate to continue operating. Without this certificate, agents and adjusters cannot be paid.

The AIC works with the Insurance Adjusters' Council, the General Insurance Council and the Life Insurance Council; all four are authorized by the Minister of Finance and Enterprise for the Province of Alberta. The AIC handles complaints about insurance agents and adjusters; the three other councils license and discipline Alberta’s insurance agents, brokers and adjusters.


Jesse Pinkman has a complaint about an insurance agent. He believes he was overcharged for premiums on personal insurance. Jesse files a formal, written complaint with the AIC describing the problem and the unsuccessful steps he has taken to resolve it.

The AIC mediates the dispute between Jesse and the agent, listening to each one’s side of the story. The AIC’s investigator does not find that the agent has breached a regulation or overcharged Jesse, and even if he had, the AIC does not have the authority to order the agent to return Jesse’s excess premiums. Hope Jesse doesn't take matters into his own hands...

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First Foundation Tips

Prior to April 2011, the AIC also handled complaints about insurance companies, but the Office of the Superintendent of Insurance now handles this function. The AIC can also provide consumers with information to protect them against fraud. It can tell consumers if an individual or company is an authorized insurance agent, broker, or adjuster in Alberta and what type of insurance they may sell; consumers can search for this information at the AIC’s website or contact the AIC office. Consumers can also find out if an agent, broker or adjuster has been disciplined by contacting the AIC office.

Last updated Jun 22, 2018