Alberta Mortgage Broker

First Foundation's award-winning reputation makes us your mortgage broker of choice in Alberta. With offices in Edmonton and Calgary, we are close to most Alberta communities and can give you the personal service you want.

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An Alberta Mortgage Broker is the Right Choice

If you ever want or need help with your mortgage, First Foundation can act as your representative. It helps to be local to your mortgage broker because we know your community, the challenges you face, your financial situation, and your own preferences. Someone on the other end of a phone at a head office in Ontario is just not going to give you the same service. Despite our local base, First Foundation was recognized nationally as one of Canadian Mortgage Professional magazine's Top 50 brokers.

Executive Assistant for Your Mortgage

We don't just go and find you the best mortgage we can as your broker. We coordinate efforts between lawyers, Realtors, and other professionals involved in the purchase of your new Alberta property. We know you've got better things to do, and when you're our client, we make sure the details get taken care of.
We're Not Just About Mortgages

We don't just offer mortgages; First Foundation also offers refinancing, renewal financing, reverse mortgages, investment loans, and second property loans. With Alberta's economic prosperity comes the opportunity to do more, both for our clients and for First Foundation.

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We Do Business on Your Terms

If you want to come into one of our offices and sit down and talk with us, or arrange for your mortgage from a work camp in remote Northern Alberta over the Internet, we can do it. We've set up technology that lets you arrange your mortgage and financing from anywhere because we know Alberta's resource industry means our customers aren't all going to be strolling into our offices for a sitdown; you could also want to get your mortgage from an iPad in a work camp cafeteria.

Whatever you need, First Foundation is there for you. Contact us by email, phone or drop by to discuss your mortgage and financing needs.

Last updated Feb 11, 2019