Benefits of a Mortgage Specialist

There are a wide range of benefits to working with a First Foundation Mortgage Specialist, rather than approaching a banking institution directly for your mortgage needs. In addition to providing clients with information on competitive rates, the available range of mortgage products that are available, and possible pitfalls and tradeoffs that exist from one lender to the next, our mortgage specialists can aid a borrower in finding and securing the most aggressive rate by acting as an advocate when dealing with the lender.

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First Foundation mortgage specialists are experts at understanding the range of mortgage options that are available in the Canadian marketplace. Because we are not employed by a specific lending institution, our interest is in securing the best option for our customers. Approaching a bank directly ensures the best option for the bank, not the borrower. As mortgage specialists we’ll help a borrower to research possible options and then put each into perspective; this helps individuals to obtain the best option available.

If you would like to discuss the various options available for your specific mortgage needs, we invite you to Contact Us and speak directly with a mortgage specialist.

Mortgage Options and Considerations

In many instances, the range of mortgage options available is vast and comparing them can be confusing. Particularly as more and more home buyers face the realities of economic challenges in the current landscape, putting oneself in the most favorable position possible has never been more important. Comparing different mortgage options can be challenging for even a seasoned professional - the costs associated with various terms, interest rates, and payment structures create tradeoffs which must be well understood before an informed decision can be made.

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In addition, different types of mortgages will have different fees associated with them. These can range from the need to buy mortgage insurance to subtle differences in how the loan is structured. Some options that appear favorable in the short-term, are in fact less attractive over the life of the loan. Never before has the housing market been under such intense scrutiny, nor has the need for care on the part of borrowers been higher. As both individual and lending institutions attempt to navigate these challenging times, having First Foundation mortgage specialists advocate for your interest is crucial.

We are confident that a conversation with one of our mortgage specialists can yield great benefits and we encourage you to Contact Us before making any decisions.

Last updated Jan 14, 2019