Calgary Debt Consolidation

If you own a home, you can qualify!

There is one thing that can make the difference between a good and great interest rate on a mortgage: the amount of debt your household carries. And it isn't hard to build up debt, even if you are making a good income. There are everyday expenses like car loans and home repairs, and then when you start piling on the extras like sports equipment for kids, debt becomes a very real way of life for most people and families in Calgary.

Debt Consolidation Loans Let You Take Control Back

Fortunately, First Foundation gives you an easy way to manage your debt. With our "Simple is Super!" debt consolidation loan, you can get on top of your bills rather than letting them get the better of you. When you take out a debt consolidation loan, you use the equity you've built in your home to qualify for a loan that lets you pay off those high interest credit cards and lines of credit. The monthly payment you make is at a much lower rate of interest since it is essentially a refinance of your mortgage. Under refinancing, you qualify for our special lower mortgage interest rates.

Personal Calgary Debt Consolidation Service

First Foundation has offices right in your community, and you can come in and talk to one of our specialists who will help you work through your debt consolidation loan in a safe and non-judgemental environment. While having debt isn't an ideal situation, you would be very surprised at how much debt your Calgary neighbours are in. Debt is not something to be ashamed of and swept under the rug; it's a problem you can easily tackle with help from one of our friendly associates. If coming into the Calgary office isn't convenient for you, you can always deal with us over the phone.

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Demystifying the Debt Consolidation Loan

People can confuse debt consolidation and bankruptcy. They are two very separate things. A debt consolidation loan lets you completely meet your financial obligations at a lower interest rate than you would otherwise be paying, lowering your total monthly payments and consolidating most of your bills into one simple payment. Bankruptcy negatively affects your credit rating, where a debt consolidation loan will improve it significantly by allowing you to consistently pay your bills on time.

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Save Significant Money With a Debt Consolidation Loan

Personal lines of credit and credit cards boast interest rates that are usually double and sometimes triple the interest rates that you would get with debt consolidation. For average family debts, this can mean a savings of hundreds, possibly up to over a thousand dollars each month. You can then take that extra money and put it towards your dreams, like saving up to start your own business or putting it away for retirement. Take a look at our debt consolidation case study to see how much you can save, and then give us a call to get the hard numbers on exactly how much you can save in your particular situation.

If you're interested in managing your debts with a debt consolidation loan in Calgary, contact First Foundation to see how we can help.

Last updated Mar 15, 2019