18 Social Media Tools that will Change Your Life!


Well, lets be honest, they might not change your life, but they are pretty cool! On the May 30th episode of Canadian Mortgage Hangout, Gord McCallum, Scott Dawson and I talked about social media and different tools we have been using. On the show, I mentioned that I would curate a list of everything we talked about. So here is the #cmhTV episode for your viewing pleasure along with the list of everything we talked about.

If you want to talk about any of these social media tools, feel free to give us a shout!

Best Quote from the Video

"I don't track my unfollows, and here you are lurking my unfollows". Scott Dawson

Have a look at these tools below, try them out, let us know which ones you like and don't by voting them up or down on the list. (Just push the arrow buttons on the list - don't be afraid, you can't break my list)

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